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We show Company Owners how to make more money, while spending less time in their businesses!
With over 35 years of experience in the Corporate IT, Retail and Service industry, George Naugle is a seasoned professional who plays a pivotal role in guiding and motivating executives and professionals to follow the core values, mission and vision of their organizations. His sound knowledge and skills in the area of executive coaching, business coaching and life coaching have enabled him to design strategies that deliver positive and impactful changes for his clients. His goal as a leadership coach is to motivate and inspire people to deliver their maximum performance, while also transforming their lives and achieving consistent professional growth.                   
George took to leadership and executive coaching after selling his IT business. During the 2 years break, he discovered his innate power and desire to extend help to business leaders who longed to discover the true meaning and purpose of their lives. He decided to dedicate his time and efforts to assist business leaders as well as executives in building a highly motivated team with enhanced ability to drive business results, increased customer satisfaction and improved revenue for their organizations.

Unparalleled Assistance, Guidance and Motivation
In his career spanning over three decades, George has helped numerous companies in establishing and managing their businesses. He successfully positioned and sold two companies for 6-figure profits even as they continue to register profit to date. He also established and operated a 3.9 million dollars business successfully with only as many as 15 employees. As a leadership coach, George emphasizes on building powerful, focused and happy leaders who in turn strive towards creating an equally blissful, efficient and effective team. Through his actionable strategies, adequate guidance and support, he helps business leaders to transform their personal and professional life for the better.
He strives to create a world where business leaders are happier, successful and committed towards building a life that they intend to lead on their own terms. Driven by an undying passionate to support people and helping them to become the best versions of themselves, George is fully capable of offering unparalleled assistance to his clients in areas such as work-life balance, personal relationships, financial security and life goals. He firmly believes that coaching enables business leaders to better deal with conflicting situations while also developing effective leadership skills. It allows them to master the art of time management and prioritize work for sustained growth & development.
A certified coach from the ICF (International Coaching Federation), George has never hesitated from questioning the leaders and has consistently guided them to achieve their full potential. He understands the challenges of self-employed individuals or business owners and is dedicated to providing them with trusted advisory, mentoring and coaching.

                      George & Nerissa

Inspired by the motto – We work to live, not live to work, he aims to bring sustained behavioral growth & change among leaders, supervisors and other executives in key positions, thus transforming the lifestyle and work approach. Unlike other leadership coaches, he encourages people to decide their future course of action themselves rather than telling them what they must think or do. He believes in supporting people after they’ve identified their own path to success. He also emphasizes on asking the difficult questions, thus providing them with an opportunity to contemplate and act accordingly.
Instead of adopting the cookie-cutter approach, his coaching sessions are personalized and purposely kept intimate to match the requirements of every client. George adopts a simple and non-judgemental approach to ensure that his sessions are thoroughly engaging and motivating.
His goal is to truly empower every individual and help them maximize their gains from every single coaching session. His ability to listen and pay heed to their genuine concerns and emotions enables him to gain their trust and act like their true friend or confidant. His sessions are therapeutic, relaxing and safe as well as designed to ensure that every individual feels safe and not pressurized. George’s laser focused sessions help clients to achieve the desired results right before they come to an end. When he is not offering business and leadership coaching, George loves to spend time with his wife Nerissa and three children.