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Hi, I'm George Naugle

George Naugle

I’m the owner and founder of George Naugle International (GNI).
We show Company Owners how to make more money,
while spending less time in their businesses!

Using the trifecta of success model: Love, Respect and Wealth.

Why a Coach?


Your coach will help you get crystal clear on your goals, help you discover your unique talents and abilities (your super powers) and where to focus your time the most effectively for you and your company.


Your coach will help you align yourself with your core values, which results in definiteness of purpose. When definiteness purpose is attained personable accountability automatically follows. We like to call this “Self Mastery”. Your coach will help you create a plan, and keep you focused on the end result. (Your goal)


The result is more money on the bottom line for you and your business, less time spent managing your business and more time to focus on other aspects of life that really matter to you.





What Client Say About Us

It has been many years since I allowed myself to dream. After just one coaching call with George, I felt my passion coming back, he helped me get my spark back. Since then I have been working on my business dreams with him and my future is looking bright. George and I will continue working together, I feel he really cares that I succeed and his actions prove it.
Svein Sjoen
I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur. After a few coaching sessions with George, I was able to identify my why and brainstorm on some challenges I was facing. George has great insights and asks the tough questions that bring about awareness and keep me on track. George is someone I can trust. He is positive and supportive. My business goals are much clearer and I am excited to move forward. George and I will continue to work together as I have seen many benefits through this new business venture!
Laura Kusko
HR Consultant
I had a video to shoot, and sort of knew what I wanted to convey to the audience. Within a 1 hour coaching session, George was able to help me discover the 5 points that I wanted to convey. The result was I knew exactly what to say in the video and it only took 3 takes to complete it. So much time saved, thanks George.
Derek Feschuk

Events & Blog

09 Jun

Noble Goldman Success Trifecta Mastermind NGSM

  • 07:30 pm

Join us for a weekly meeting to discuss books such as Think and Grow Rich, Rich Dad Poor Dad and various books to help you on your financial wealth journey. Re-occurring weekly. Duration: 1 hour

What is the difference between a coach, therapists, consultant, mentor, trainer?​

The Analogy of Becoming a Business Owner.
John wants to become a World Class Business Owner. He doesn’t know the first thing about Business though, having spent most of his youth in a desk job. To achieve his goal of becoming a Successful Business Owner, he decided to employ the services of some professionals to help him.

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